After School Programs

20/2 (child/teacher ratio) In this program we will be transitioning your child from school to home. We recognize that there will be many different needs during this time. For some children they may just want to decompress and relax and for others they may need to blow off some extra energy. Our goal is to accommodate both ends of this spectrum. We will have games and high movement activities available as well as quiet, comfortable, sitting areas to relax in. We will also have a homework station set up for those children and parents who would appreciate getting that out of the way before they get home.

We do not use any form of discipline with our children. Instead we keep them safe and redirect them into a positive place by helping them self regulate their emotions and understand what their friends are feeling and experiencing too. Making mistakes and having conflicts is something we celebrate here at Pumpkin Patch because it gives us so many opportunities to learn and understand our feelings.

We are in the Bear Creek School District’s bus route. Otherwise transportation will be required.

A snack will be provided, but your child is welcome to bring their own as well. 

***Due to the terms in our lease and as a courtesy to our teachers we please ask that you pick your child up on time - No later than 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. - And no later than 5pm on Wednesday.*** 



Located at the Father's House on Pettigrew

After School Programs:

 20/2 (Child/Teacher Ratio)

2:30-6:00 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

1:00-5:00 on Wednesdays

September - June 

$350.00 Monthly Tuition (Prices Good Through Spring 2020)

Following the Bend LaPine holiday schedule

An annual non-refundable registration and supply fee of $85 will be due at the time of enrollment

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